2018 Worship Schedule

Pentecost is a time to ask God to fill us afresh with the Spirit so that we might join in thministry of Christ with gusto.

10 am Eucharist Sundays & Wednesdays

at St. Stephen's Church | 500 Ogden Ave. |Escanaba MI

The Episcopal Church is the United States-based member church of the worldwide  Anglican Communion. It is a Christian church divided into nine provinces and has dioceses in the United States, Taiwan, Micronesia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, as well as the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe and the Navajoland Area Mission. The current presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church is Michael Bruce Curry, the first African American bishop to serve in that position. 


The Bible, which records God’s word to his people, assumes the existence of a believing community. Moses, David, Mary, Paul – even Jesus – lived out their faith in community. In our modern world we tend to believe that we can and should “go it alone,” but the truth is that we are meant to live, work and worship together. It is not an accident that the new commandment Jesus gives his disciples is to love one another. In attempting to do this we discover more about God and ourselves than we could ever know alone.