Donate to St. Paul’s

There is more to stewardship than money. Stewardship includes using your talent and
time to help in various areas of life at St. Paul’s. Some examples include Liturgy, Outreach,
Mutual Care, Stewardship, Communications and Finance. All could use your talent and
your time to help continue to create a living church that enables us to be servants of the
Lord now and for future generations.

We each have gifts. The question is how do we discover our gifts and then use these gifts
for the good of others and the Church? The Stewardship committee asks that you look
inside yourself, find the gifts that you have and willingly and unafraid, use them to support
the programs that interest you.

St Paul’s is a wonderful place of worship and a wonderful part of the Marquette community
because of the people of our congregation. Your gifts are needed now more than ever.

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To make a donation by mail send a check payable to St. Paul’s Church to 201 E. Ridge St., Marquette MI 49855.

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