St. Paul’s has several community outreach programs. If you would like to find out more please contact us. Below are just a few of our programs.

Camp New Day – On Sunday, Feb 20 a fleece-tied blanket making party was held and 6 blanket elves made 6 blankets – a favorite take-away for campers. Thanks to Carol and Bob Potrzusik for setting this up. They were assisted by blanket elves: Ann Smith, Jacquey Shellenbarger, Arlene Gordanier, Judy Britton, and Mary Sullivan. There is still more fleece, so another blanket-making party may be held in the near future

Team Brownsville – Sue Micensky: We are currently assisting about 100-130 asylum seekers each day. These are people who are in the US legally, have been processed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and have spent time in a detention facility. When they are released, they are tested for COVID and can get vaccinated. Good Neighbor Settlement House (a local nonprofit agency) gives them information about the process for seeking asylum. During the week they also give them a meal which is provided on weekends by Team Brownsville. Team Brownsville gives everyone supplies for their bus trips: blankets, snacks, water, and toiletries. We also have bags with stuffed animals and activities for children. While Frank and I were volunteering yesterday, about 50 people came through. My heart swelled with pride to know that we at St. Paul’s are assisting them financially and with supplies. In December, people at St. Paul’s made very generous donations of hats, gloves, Many, many thanks to everyone at St. Paul’s who contributed to this outreach project! You helped keep people warm and you brought smiles to the faces of numerous children.

 Feeding America West Michigan Data from the most recent distribution, held Feb 9th at the Berry Events parking lot: • 207 households each received 50 pounds of food – that’s a total of 10,350 pounds distributed. • Those receiving food were: 497 individuals, 119 children, 36 seniors and 46 veterans.

Almoner’s Fund: is a line item in the St. Paul’s general fund and maintains its own checkbook. This allows response to emergency needs as quickly as possible. In general, Almoner’s responds to needs of St. Paul’s members or people well known by them. Currently, Almoner’s is responding to a need which has involved a well-coordinated effort with 3 other agencies. Contact people for Almoner’s are Arlene Gordanier, Sue Micensky and Pat Micklow.

Alternative gifts: Meg Goodrich and Jacquey Shellenbarger are the contact people. Alt gifts were sold on 3 Sundays during the Advent season. Twelve people purchased gifts for a total of $1,701. This was an increase over last year.

Episcopal Migration Ministries – Afghanistan Resettlement: $245 was collected in the December ingathering. This money was sent to EMM and designated for Afghanistan refugee resettlement. Thanks to Bob and Nancy Railey for initiating this outreach effort. Bob serves as a liaison to the EMM and the Diocese Justice and Peace Committee.

RATI: Carol Potrzuski reported that the Emergency Shelter has been at capacity. They appreciate donations of food (perishable and non-perishable) paper products and winter clothing.