Music and Poetry



  • AIM Unity Song
  • Blackbird by The Beatles sung in Mi’kmaq by Emma Stevens
  • The Climb by Miley Cyrus sung in Mi’kmaq by 10-year-old Kalolin Johnson
  • Crystal Woman, andWho Will Speak
  • Gentle Warrior (featuring Devon Paul and Thunder Herney) by an older Kalolin Johnson
  • Here is a good, simple song for Columbus Day
  • Indanee by Pat Humphries is beautiful
  • Prayer Loop Song by Supaman shows Hip Hop sound “layering”
  • Sharon Burch has several YouTube videos: “Colors of My Heart”
  • Stand Up is about DAPL
  • Why also has a Jingle Dress Dancer
  • Wishi Ta and other songs by Brooke Medicine Eagle.


  • Bitterroot by
  • Abena Songbird (Abnaki)
    Jimmie Durham (Cherokee)
  • Contemporary Native American Poetry by John E. Smelcer
    (Alaskan Native/ Ahtna) & D. L. Birchfield (Chocktaw), Eds.
  • No Parole Today by
    Laura Tohe (Diné/ Navajo)
  • Columbus Day by
  • Durable Breath:
  • Laura Tohe (Diné/ Navajo)
  • Rainbow Dancer by
    Heather Harris (Metic/ Cree)
  • Sculpted Stones by
    Victor Montejo (Maya)