Formation for All

Introduction to Church History

Feb. 6 – Period: “Global Mission” / Christendom to Post-Christendom – Document: Chicago Lambeth Quadrilateral

Feb. 20 – Period: Reformation to Restoration – Document: Articles of Religion

Mar. 5 – Period: Schism(atic) to Protest(ant) – Document: Articles of Religion

Mar. 19 – Period: Roman EMpires Not Yet Holy – Document: Athanasian Creed

Apr. 2 – Period: Persecution to Persecuting – Document: Definition from Council of Chalcedon

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Formation for All

Introduction to Christian Theology

We are looking forward to our next session of Formation for All, which will begin on Oct. 4 and run through Dec. 13, meeting every two weeks on Wednesdays at 6:30pm eastern/5:30pm central.

This course is an Introduction to Christian Theology and is open to anybody.  During our time together we will discover both the content of Christian theology and how that theology was created and adapted for new settings over the centuries and through the current day.

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The dates we will meet are listed below:

Oct. 4—session I: What is Christian theology

Oct. 18—session II: Christology

Nov. 1—session III: Sin and Forgiveness

Nov. 15—session IV: Baptism and Ecclesiology

Nov. 29—session V: Eucharist and the Kingdom

Dec. 13—session VI—Eschatology and Final Presentations


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