Center for Racial Healing Needs Your Support



The Absalom Jones Episcopal Center for Racial Healing needs your assistance. I imagine you are very aware of the amazing work that God’s grace and the phenomenal support that we have received over the past six years has made it possible for us to do. We are deeply grateful to everyone who has supported this work in any manner whether directly or indirectly.


But it is now time for us to go deeper with our work and to make the Center more visible across the wider church. And we need you to help us. We would like to ask you and the clergy in your Diocese to share a few words about the work of the Center with all of your members and to invite them to visit our website at and subscribe to our newsletter so they can have access to the many resources that we have posted while helping to expand our work to a greater degree throughout the wider church.


Though we have managed to establish the Center as a local, regional, national, and international entity in many places, there are still far too many of our fellow Episcopalians who are not familiar with us and who are not aware of the many resources that the Center can offer. We want to draw our circle much wider than it is and we are beginning by asking that you help us to do it.


First, we are asking that you place a link to our website on your diocesan website with a short message from you encouraging everyone to visit us and to subscribe to our newsletter. Also, I would like to know to whom in your office I can send a letter to that would be emailed to all of your clergy asking them to encourage their parishioners to visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter.  If you can, please send this information by month’s end or who in your office can assist us with this.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please reply this email or contact the Center. Thank you so much for taking a little bit of time to address this matter. We greatly appreciate your support.  




Dr. Catherine Meeks

Executive Director